18 April 2008

Hello World

Was busy in something, will update the blog with some cool stuff very soon.

25 September 2007

Search science videos with ease

If you are looking for high quality, accurate and spam-free science videos then ScienceHack is the place to be. Its a search engine built solely to cater science videos search of people. As stated by the site "Every video is screened by a scientist (a university student or a university graduate with a major in a science related field, examples: applied science in physics and electrical engineering). "

Create Flowcharts Online

Flowchart.com offers you a way to create your flowchart online. No software install. No downloads. No Plugins required. Just sign up and start creating your flowchart.Flowchart.com has an easy to use interface, so you can be up and running in seconds!You can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time when creating your flowchart. All collaborating partiescan chat and design a flowchart at the same time.

Flowchart.com Features:

  • Easy to use Interface
  • No plugins required.
  • Works with popular browsers.
  • Drawing Tools (Lines, Arrows, B├ęzier curves)
  • Objects (Flowchart objects, clipart)
  • Realtime online collaboration between multiple users with different browsers.
  • Save your Flowchart as a PDF or PNG formats.
  • Upload your original clipart and use it in your Flowchart, or Share them with the community, or Sell them.

24 September 2007

Google gives you cricket score

Google has simplified the search for cricket score. Just type cricket in google search box and you'll get a brief score of all the current cricket matches going on around the globe. If you want a detailed score card just click on the link.

Google even made it simpler, suppose the score of team australia or india you are looking for, jus type cricket india or cricket australia in google search box to get the team specific scores.

And now suppose you are a complete cricket buff and you know about against which your team is playing/played google even narrowed your search to that level also. So looking for india vs australia match jus type cricket score India Australia

You will get the score like this

via Google Blog

23 September 2007

Error Report taken way too seriously

This one is pretty funny, i found on digg. Apparently some guy got a error while working on safari browser, in the error report it was mentioned to send some info to apple about Describing what you did before you saw this message along with the error. So what was his reply to this check out below.

First the error report :

Now his reply:

Description: Woke up to the alarm at 6:30 am. Got my son out of his crib, handed him to my wife. OJ + medication + forgot to take my multivitamin. Checked my email, Twitter, etc. Did a couple posts. Showered but didn't shave. Took care of my son while my wife went to the gym. He played on the floor a bit, we laughed and giggled together a lot. Good times. Then he got hungry so I fed him while watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids on cable. When my wife got home around 10am, I put him down for a nap, packed up my bag, and left for work. N train to Canal then a 5 minute walk to the office. Worked on some PHP for a couple of hours, making less progress than I would have liked. Caught a baby mouse in a drinking glass at the office. Went to get lunch with the gang. First and second choices no good, but ended up at an Italian bakery/deli on Mott. Turkey and provolone on a roll with mayo and lettuce, Pepsi, and potato chips (sour cream and onion). Gave leftover sandwich to the baby mouse, AKA "Feedy". Sat back down at my desk. Selected "iToner" from bookmarks list and waited. Error number NSURLErrorDomain:-1005.

Now that's called some detail error reporting, hope it helps apple to fix the bug :-)

via kottke digg

22 September 2007

Kineticel-Human Battery Charger

Search for unconventional sources of power generation continues. Efforts are being made everyday to add more productivity to the day to day things we do in home. Keeping these thoughts in Kineticel was featured in the Metropolis Magazine. Its concept submitted by Yael Miller describing it as Kinetic Energy harnessing battery charger.

Looks like a comfortable concept to me. I will love to spend some time on this , listening to some enchanting music. Ending up fresh, relaxed and more importantly with charged up batteries at my disposal.

Will be my 2cents for fighting global warming.

Cool your laptop on docking station

This Refrigerated Docking Station was created through a joint effort between Embraco and Intel. It uses the smallest miniature compressor available to cool air before it flows into the bottom of the laptop. The cooler can reduce the temperature of a laptop by 41%.

This will be a boon for people who want to do overclocking in their laptops and wants to take out maximum performance from their CPU without frying it.

21 September 2007

Firefox Campus Edition

Firefox Campus Edition, is a special edition of Firefox designed specifically for students. The Campus Edition bundles the latest version of Firefox with three great add-ons: FoxyTunes, Zotero, and StumbleUpon.

More info about addons:

FoxyTunes lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and much more right from your favorite browser.

StumbleUpon lets you channel surf the Internet to find great websites, videos, photos and more based on your interests.

Zotero helps you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It lives right where you do your work – in Firefox itself.

via : Firefox Blog

New features on Photobucket

Lots of new feature were launched to play with on Photobucket a Photo and video uploading service . The new features werer mainly requests made by photobucket users.

Features :

Public / Private Settings in Albums

You can now specify which photo and video albums in your account to make publicly available, and which to remain password protected; You can give others access to private albums using a “guest” password that you select.

Photobucket albums can contain thousands of images and hours of video for free. A simple “link” to any piece of media in an album lets you share your photos and videos without sending huge files over email.
Note from Photobucket : Only Pro users only get to see the new public/private settings.

Bulk Photo Uploader

Lets you upload up to 100 images at a time to your album. That's it! What could be better? Click here for a detailed tutorial.

via : Photobucket Blog and Mashable

Emoticon 25 years old

Emoticon 25 anniversary was celebrated on 19 Sept 07, it was used for the first time in 1982 by Scott Fahlman a Carnegie Mellon professor on a school bulliten board system.
Along with emoticon anniversary came a surprise that smiley just didn't happen accidently it was actually proposed by Scott Fahlman to display emotions in comments.

Here is the picture which shows the proposition and first use of smiley

Messgage by smiley inventor : History of smiley

19 September 2007

Orkut doubles photo space

Social networking site recently doubled the number of available photos you can upload . This came few weeks after orkut revamping was done. Earlier the number of pics that can be uploaded were 12, now as said this being doubled means more experience sharing through pics. This brings a happy surprise with orkut users who always wanted some more space to display pearls from their huge piles of pics.

11 September 2007

Strata - The Data Browser

Kirix Strata is a new specialty browser for accessing and manipulating data from the web. View and work with data from web tables, CSV files and RSS feeds, integrate information from web services to create personal "desktop mashups," browse and work with MySQL, Oracle and other databases.

What Can You Do with a Data Browser?

Access Data From Anywhere

Open CSV files, HTML tables and RSS feeds directly from the web into structured tables. You can also easily grab local data files from your desktop or connect to database systems like MySQL Enterprise and Oracle.

Integrate Data From Across the Web

Strata incorporates the Mozilla Foundation's Gecko layout engine, so you can find data on the web and see it in context. With Strata's built-in database functionality, you can go beyond browsing to reformat and integrate data from RSS feeds, websites and web services.

Manipulate Data Quickly

Store and manipulate as much data as you like. Strata is built for speed and can handle just about any amount of data you give it (up to 60 billion records per table). Create dynamic calculations instantly across a full data set and work with a suite of useful tools that make data interaction enjoyable.

Create Reports Easily

Develop reports from web data, local files or database systems with ease. Quickly flip between page and template views for a pleasant design experience. Creating a report is as simple as using a spreadsheet.

Customize and Extend

Strata comes with a data-enabled version of ECMAScript (e.g., JavaScript) with built-in support for SQL and other functions for data manipulation. You can create extensions or plug in community-built ones or just use Strata's GUI toolkit to create your own hybrid desktop/web applications and mashups.

Snapshots :

(via Strata & Mashable)

07 September 2007

Search Tech Get Porn

Recently while searching tech in technorati i was in surprise to see the first entry giving me free porn mpeg's instead.

Pic (click for big preview)

Ghost - Global Hosted Opertaing System

G.ho.st provides every person in the world with a free Virtual Computer (VC). Like a Windows PC, or Mac, the VC is a personal computing environment which includes your desktop, your personal settings, your data and your choice of software applications. But unlike a PC, your VC is not installed on one physical computer - instead it is stored in a highly professional data center across the Internet, and it may be accessed from any Internet browser in the world. From any browser you can open
G.ho.st, enter your username and password, and continue using your VC from exactly the state you had left it in.

Here are some key ways in which your G.ho.st VC is different to a PC :
  • Available from any browser in the world instead of being installed on one machine .
  • The operating system and the first 3GB of data storage are free .
  • Software (namely Web-based software) can be run without installation .
  • The computer is always up-to-date, secure and backed up with no action or cost on your part .
  • Because it is online, the G.ho.st VC provides new possibilities for fun and collaboration, beyond what is available on a PC.

Key Features :

A "hosted" environment

  • Your desktop, data, applications and settings are accessible from any Internet browser.
  • Software is run without the need to install.
  • The Operating System and software is updated with no action on your part.

Mature desktop

  • Everything you would expect - Go (Start) Menu, task bar, system tray, icons.
  • All the operations - Context (right-click) menus, mouseover data, drag-and-drop

G.ho.st Storage

  • Professional hosted and backed-up disk space
  • 3GB free and more for a modest fee
  • Manage from your G.ho.st desktop or directly from Windows!
  • Upload/download
  • Launch files directly in G.ho.st desktop

My Items

  • G.ho.st gives you smart shortcuts to your Web resources - bookmarks/favorites, files, photos, videos, music, products, and other resources which are public or which are kept for you by other Web service providers (such as Flickr, YouTube, Amazon and others) .

Inherently secure

  • Runs in the "sand box" of your browser - G.ho.st has no access to your hard disk or local network.
  • Your data is subject to the very highest standards of backup and security in a professional data center

    Screen Shots


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06 September 2007

iPod Touch

iPod Touch is here, so what it is , its a iPhone minus the phone part. Available in 8gb and 16gb versions, it gonna rock and brings a whole new meaning to the portable entertainment. Best thing that could happen is, releasing it world wide, so no more waiting, it will be available everywhere in few days.

Awesome battery life as it supports Up to 22 hours of music playback and 5 hours of video playback. A Gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen displayt touch your music in Cover Flow and watch video on a stunning, widescreen display.
Also equipped with Wi-Fi web browsing so now you can browse the web with Safari and watch You Tube videos on the first-ever Wi-Fi iPod.

Technical Specifications
Size and weight
  • Height: 4.3 inches (110 mm)
  • Width: 2.4 inches (61.8 mm)
  • Depth: 0.31 inch (8 mm)
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces (120 grams)


  • 8GB or 16GB flash drive1
  • Holds up to 1,750 or 3,500 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format2
  • Holds up to 10,000 or 20,000 iPod-viewable photos3
  • Holds up to 10 hours or 20 hours of video4
  • Stores data via USB flash drive


  • 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch display
  • 480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 pixels per inch

(via Apple)